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QCI provides a wide variety of high quality, trouble-free 2-Way and Multi-Port Rotor Valves. These valves feature one-piece Rotor and Stem, Cavity Free Bodies with Top Entry. They are maintenance free and provide transitional flow and high flow rates. QCI valves are machined from castings and are available in bronze, carbon and stainless steel. End connections are provided in FNPT, 150# Flanged, Butt and Socket Weld as well as Tri-Clamp and Cherry Burrel I-Line. Sizes range from ¼ through 8 inch with pressures to ANSI class 150#. These valves provide multiple flow patterns from 2 though 5 way and in many cases can reduce the total number of valves required in a flow control system.

The Rotor Valves may be actuated for full automation of the process. QCI also offers a full port 120 degree ported 3-Way valve. Designed for applications where its long radius flow passage minimizes pressure drop and allows the passage of a pipeline “pig”.

At Allesco, we provide quality valve products and automation services.