OPTO 22 Automation made simple

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OPTO 22 manufacturers hardware and software products that link all kinds of electrical, mechanical and electronic devices and machines to networks and computers. Their controllers, I/O modules and software are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. These products translate the data between computers and other machines and do it easily and economically because the OPTO 22 products run on non-proprietary communication standards like Ethernet and Internet protocols. In addition to these quality products, Opto has long been associated with Solid State Relays. These are still available today and still have 4000Volts of optical isolation between field side and control side assuring maximum protection. They are UL and CSA listed. Combine OPTO 22 with the other fine products at Allesco and you close the loop on your system application.