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The OMNIGUARD Fire Detectors offer the latest technology in the field. Using UV or IR sensors, or a combination of both, these devices are able to sense and notify the user of various conditions and parameters of flame.
Discrimination between a true fire and a “false alarm” event is critical for efficient and reliable protection. Omniguard patented Fire Event Analysis provides immunity to false alarms while offering high levels of sensitivity. They are ideal for applications in fuel transfer stations, natural gas compressor stations, petrochemical storage facilities, turbine enclosures and aircraft hangers. All detectors are explosion-proof and certified for use in hazardous areas. The 660 model is available in a version that will operate up to 125C. The detectors are stand-alone and can be used independent of controls or they can be integrated into a fire panel or DCS system. For quality and reliability, Omniguard is First in Flame Detection.