Meter Engineers

Meter Engineers


Metering Equipment and Measurement Services


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Meter Proving Systems

Small Volume Piston Provers

Magnetic Drive Retrofits

Unidirectional Provers

Bidirectional Provers

Volumetric Tank Provers


Meter Prover Accessories

Load Arms

Load Assist Technology

Swivel Joints


Skids, Trailers & Truck Beds


Quality Control Monitoring Systems

Automated Sampler Systems

Fast Loop Systems

Pipeline Haze Analyzers

Recovery / Reinjection Systems

RF3 Rapid Flash Systems


Detector Switches


Spheres and Accessories


Delivering Accuracy From The Start

Meter Engineers has delivered steadfast results for the oil and gas industries since our inception. We know accuracy is not a want or a need. It’s an expectation. For our customers, a small metering error can create an enormous dent in profits. All our metering equipment and measurement services are accurate, dependable, and contribute to a healthy bottom line.

Located in the heart of America, our commitment to exceptional customer service is rooted in every metering product, custom solution, and support from our factory. We’ve made a strategic investment in the Midwest with a state-of-the-art, world-class facility, which equips us to serve premium metering equipment right here in the heartland and across the globe. Nobody can offer the full encompassing suite of metering solutions like Meter Engineers.