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FCM Technologies

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FMC Technologies is the worlds largest supplier of fluid control products. From its original “Chiksan” and “Weco” products, FMC has a long tradition of excellence. Chiksan swivel joints come in 3/8 to 12 inch sizes and can handle pressures to 20,000 psi. End connections include threaded, integral Weco wing union, beveled for welding and flanged. Long, dependable operation is assured by matching ball bearings to loading and service conditions. All Chiksan swivels have two rows of bearings and flame hardened ball races. A complete range of styles accommodates all planes of rotation. These swivels have application in loading arms, high pressure prover arms, drilling and production. The Weco wing union provides pipe connections in sizes from 1 to 12 inches and low, medium and high pressure ratings. All Weco unions are color coded for quick identification and same size, pressure and figure numbers are interchangeable and provide a quick and positive seal every time. All FMC Flowline products are made to the same rigid standards insuring quality, safety and performance.
At Allesco, we provide quality valve products and automation services.