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Flexim offers state of the art Ultra-Sonic clamp on flow meters.

These devices are available in portable and permanent installation designs. Flexim features include zero stability eliminating the need for field zero adjustment, ambient temperature compensation integral to the transducer blocks and high signal strength provided by an auto-gain of voltage to the excitation of the transducers. This provides 10 to 90 volts peak to peak and allows measurement of highly viscous fluids. High temperature applications up to 752 F are possible with their Wave Injector unit. At Flexim, innovation is always leading to ways of making the use of their products user friendly. With their Coupling Pads and Pipe Mount Fixture you fit and forget. There is no need to recouple transducers to pipe once it is initially installed.

Here at Allesco we offer site surveys, equipment rental and calibration services. For excellent flow measurement products Flexim is a great choice. For service second to none, Allesco is always the choice.