Emerson Cash Valve

Emerson Cash Valve

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Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Regulating and Back Pressure Valves offering products for Steam, Air/Gas, Liquid and Cryogenic applications. Cash Valve offers a wide selection of pressure reductions with inlets of 720 PSI and reductions from 1- 400 PSI. Products range in size from 1/8” to 2” for threaded NPT connections and up thru 6” for flanged configurations. Temperatures range from Cryogenic up through 800 F. Cash Valves are suitable for both commercial and industrial services. These Valves are available in Low and High Flow rates with excellent pressure regulation.

Cash Valve also has an extensive line of cryogenic valves for use in the specialty gas industry, backpressure valves, temperature regulating valves and vacuum valves.

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