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Delta Controls Corporation

Level Controls

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Delta Controls specializes in providing heavy-duty industrial grade Level Controls. Their wide range of measurement technologies provides the unique ability to furnish the best type of equipment for each application. There is no “One Fits All” in level requirements. Delta offers a complete line of mechanical and electronic level products. Delta provides level devices for high temperature and pressure ratings, special materials, connections and specific mountings to solve challenging applications.


Temperature & Pressure Instruments

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Delta Controls temperature sensors reliably protect a reactor vessel and its refractory lining from excessive temperatures. Sensors are specifically designed to withstand the extremely corrosive acid gas environment found in Claus sulphur recovery units, partial oxidation reactors, coal gassifiers, and chemical incinerators. Both thermocouple and I/R designs are offered and provide the best “up time” for plant operations and the lowest cost of temperature sensor ownership. Operating temperatures in excess of 3000F under pressure are common and these sensors last for years. The HIR unit is well suited to applications where the sensor must “look through” flames, incandescent gases, and how gases to measure the temperature of an object or a refractory hot face. Allesco offers product sales and installation services for these quality devices.