ALLESCO welcomes Meter Engineers

Allesco is proud to announce our sales representative partnership with Meter Engineers in the Gulf Coast Region. Manufactured in Kechi, Kansas, Meter Engineers produces state of the art products in a world class facility. This includes the new patented MagnaProve® small volume prover – the most dependable, user-friendly, and economical piston prover on the market. With the new MagnaProve®, accuracy and dependability contribute to a healthy bottom line. This meter prover is designed for precision and durability while remaining flexible and versatile for a wide range of metering sites and applications.

In addition to the MagnaProve®, Meter Engineers offers a vast portfolio of measurement equipment including:

• MagnaProve® Retro Universal Drive Replacement
• Unidirectional Provers
• Bidirectional Provers
• Volumetric Tank Provers

Also available are meter prover accessories including load arms, swivel joints, solvents, skids, trailers and truck beds. Their patent-pending swivel leak detection system provides a safe method of preventing personal or environmental harm due to a failure of the main seal. Operators can now know when seals have failed and be able to respond before any product is lost.

Detector switches for meter provers and pipelines combine all the best industry technology into one proven detector switch. Each detector switch is adaptable to any switch base, with little or no additional expense. Our switches are a great economical choice for detecting the passages of spheres in pipelines and meter provers.

Sphere detector switches are also available from Meter Engineers. The UniCast Sphere is a seamless, inflatable meter proving sphere with enhanced durability and unwavering precision. Each sphere features a design optimized for elasticity, wear-resistance, and operational lifetime, eliminating seam splitting and delaminating during service. Along with our exceptional factory support, our spheres have become ubiquitous in the Petroleum industry globally and the first choice for accuracy.

Quality control monitoring systems are also available including automated sampler systems, fast loop systems, pipeline haze analyzers, recovery/reinjection systems, and RF3 rapid flash systems.

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