ALLESCO is a supplier of Small Volume Provers

ALLESCO is a supplier of Small Volume Provers (SVPs) with start-up and on-site services (such as seal change out) capability.

Provers may be stationary, packaged with meter-runs or trailer mounted for portable applications. All Metering Skids and Prover Trailers are fabricated to code requirements with ratings up to 900 pound ANSI. Radiographs, MTRs and hydrostatic test charts at 1.5 time maximum working pressure are standard. The ALLESCO high pressure Prover Arms used on Portable Trailers are also available to retrofit existing trailers. They feature machined, rather than cast, swivel joints, with standard Parker seals and E-Z Adjust spring balance assemblies.
For more information on Stationary Provers, Metering Skids, Portable Provers, Prover Arms or Prover on-site service please email Todd Payne.