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Specialty Rotameters
ABB's Specialty Rotameters, as the name implies, are used for "special" applications which include low-cost measurement of large liquid or gas flows in oil, gas, petrochemical, water & wastewater industries as well as monitoring and indicating flow through filters, cooling & intake/outlet pumping lines.

 The Series 10B4500 Ori-Flowrator Meter is a variable area flowmeter used to measure large flows of liquids or gases in conjunction with a primary orifice plate. A 1/2-inch size meter is used to measure flow regardless of the main line pipe size.
 The 10E1400 BULL'S EYE Sight Flow Indicators provide a quick, reliable and economical way to verify flow and monitor color and clarity in fluid lines. The indicators feature dual glass for see-through visibility and are also available in a 10E1500 series which are rated for operating pressures up to 600 PSI.
 The Series FP Acrylic Variable Area Flowmeters are an excellent low-cost alternative for a wide variety of liquid and gas measurements. The clear acrylic body is virtually unbreakable in most industrial process applications and features an easy to read scale, brass, stainless steel or PVC NPT connections and optional built-in control valves.
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