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Metal Rotameters
ABB's Metal Rotameters are ideal for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and are suitable for most low flow, high pressure and corrosive applications. Their rugged nature makes them the choice where glass rotameters may not be appropriate.

 The Series AM54 is an all metal flow-through variable area flowmeter designed to measure the flow rates of liquids, gases or steam in pipe sizes from 1/2" to 4". The AM54 is particularly suited for the process industries such as in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and the Food industries when aggressive or opaque fluids are to be metered or in those applications where glass meter tube flowmeters cannot be installed because of safety considerations.
 The 10A3200 armored variable area flowmeter offers new possibilities for metering small flowrates of liquids and gases. The instrument is particularly well suited for metering cloudy, opaque or aggressive fluids in Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, gas analyzers, process systems and well systems.
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