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Magnetic Flow Meters
Coriolis Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Vortex Flow Meters
Krohne is a premier manufacturer of Process Measurement Instrumentation.  They offer leading edge technology products and measurement solutions.  Krohne combines years of experience with quality flow products in a broad range of applications in the measurement of gas and liquids.  The OptiFlux magnetic flow meters are offered with an extensive selection for conductive liquids.  The OptiMass features a straight tube design with no limits on tube selection, flow range or measured product.  Their Ultrasonic meters are suitable to liquids and gas with 3-4&5 beam units available with custody transfer accuracy.  They also offer Vortex Meters especially well suited for steam service.  When you need proven performance in flow measurement, Krohne is an excellent choice.

Krohne offers a comprehensive and versatile range of level gauges and level switches for measurement of fluid levels.  Implementation of various measuring principles, advanced technology and rigid quality control has produced measuring instruments, which guarantee high accuracy even under extreme operating conditions.  Applications extend from liquid sulphur at 284F to the storage of liquefied gases at pressures to 5800 psig.  Krohne devices can be fitted with a choice of process connections and a variety of interfaces such as RS 485, Modbus, Profibus-PA, HART and DTM/FDT 1.2 Systems are available for intelligent data communication.


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