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Stand Alone Detectors
SAGE-CE Computer Based System
Determinator IR Detector

Delphian is a leader in Detection Technology.  They offer gas detectors and monitoring systems wherever there exists potential danger from toxic and explosive gases.  With their products, the emphasis is on Simplicity, Reliability and Ease of Serviceability.  The heart of a gas detection system is the Sensor.  Delphian offers catalytic bead, semiconductor, electrochemical and IR design, each with its own specific benefit in an application. Catalytic is the most popular type for use in hydrocarbon CHC detection.  Semiconductor is best in H2S ppm service.  Electrochemical detects TOXIC gases and O2.  The latest in innovation from Delphian is the IR detector, which can be made to detect a specific gas.  Dolphin’s Determinator does just that as well as requires less frequent calibration and is relatively maintenance free.

Delphian offers stand alone gas detectors that integrate with any system that accepts a 4-20ma signal.  They also offer a complete computer based system for plant wide detection and control.  These products are applied in a host of applications including Offshore Platforms, Pipelines, Processing Plants, Gas Storage and Loading facilities.


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