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Allesco provides a wide range of cost effective products for your company's specific applications. 

Below is an alphabetized list of manufacturers which we sell and service products for.  You may scroll down the list or jump to a section by selecting a letter from the left.  For more information regarding one of these manufacturers, click on the hyperlink.

Company Name Products and/or services
ABB Fischer & Porter Flow Meters - Glass & Metal Tube Variable Area
Allestec Special Hazard Safety Controls

InFlow™ vision-based OIW/WIO analysis, including concentration measurement, bubble size distribution, turbidity measurement, particle sizing, sand & produced water analysis on many levels.  High-temp process cameras, utilizing the patented Fuzeview™ industrial sight glass for level measurement, interface, fiber width measurement, crystallization & slurry monitoring, SolidSizer™ for dry particle size measurement.

Civacon Complete line of dry disconnect couplings, overfill and grounding protection for any fluid handling application
CPV Soft Seated Glove Valves for High Pressure liquid or gas service; silent check valves, air operated shut off valves, and accessories
Cummins Filtration Oil Level Regulators, Slow Flow Meters and Filtration
Dean Pumps Centrifugal (API-610, ANSI B73.1), Mag-Drive, Self-Priming, Hot oil pumps
Delphian Gas Detection - Hazardous and Toxic Gas Monitors, Infrared & Catalytic Bead
Delta Controls Level Controls - Float, Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic
Delta M Fluid flow, level, switches and temperature measurement products using proprietary and patented thermal-based technologies. 
Emco Wheaton Loading arms and swivel joints
Flexim Flowmeters, ultrasonic clamp on portable & fixed meters, explosion proof, high-temperature and ATEX approvals
FMC/Chiksan-Weco Swivel Joints, Hammer Unions and Piping Components
FMC Invalco Turbine meters, control valves, water in oil monitors
Great Plains Industries Turbine Flow Meters; Industrial grade electronic digital meters, turbine housings, and accessories
Honeywell Enraf - Small Volume Prover Small Volume Flow Meter Provers for pipeline custody transfer and truck racks.
Honeywell Enraf - Tank Gauging Tank gauging, inventory management and tank terminal operations.
Inline Industries Full line of ball valves and accessories
Jesco Metering and Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps
Kessler - Ellis (KEP) Flow & Level Computers, Indicators, PLC Interface Systems, Touch screens, Counters, Timers
Krohne Radar Level Controls, Liquid Level Gauges and Indicators; magnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters and coriolis flowmeters
Michell Instruments The Dew Point, Oxygen and Humidity Specialist
Mueller Butterfly and Check Valves, Strainers
Nicholson Thermostatic, thermodynamic and sanitary steam traps
Nikkiso  A complete line of metering pumps, accessories and fluid handling systems.
Noshok Transducers, Transmitters (Explosion-proof) and Indicators; Needle Valves and Diaphragm Seals
Omniguard UV & UV-IR Fire Detectors; resistance temperature detectors and accessories
Opto22 Industrial Automation & Controls, Data Acquisition Systems, I/O Modules and Solid State Relays
OPW Couplers, Swivel Joints, Loading Arms
Pentair - Cash Valve Regulating Valves - Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure, Cryogenic
Quality Controls, Inc. (QCI) Rotor Valves, Multi-Port3, 4 and 5 Way, Piggable Valves, Pneumatic Actuators
Rheonics Inline Process Density and Viscosity Monitoring
Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow Measurement For Gases
SVF Flow Controls High Performance Ball Valves & Control Valves
TCS Flowmeters Petroleum & Industrial Piston & Rotary Flowmeters
Wey Valve Knife Gate and Butterfly Valves
Wilkerson Instrument Co. Signal Conditioners, Isolators,  Wireless Transmitters,
Two Wire Transmitters,  Digital Process



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